Whispers Whispers is a pre-order campaign platform, based on the idea of seeding word of mouth advertising across social networks, in exchange for rewards. I worked on the platform for approx. 3 months, but sadly it was discontinued… Read More

Cycle Syndicate

Cycle Syndicate http://cyclesyndicate.co.uk Complete build of a new alternative web service for cycle insurance “Cycle Syndicate is a community of careful individuals who want an alternative to insurance. No premiums, no small print, just cyclists looking out for… Read More

Jackdaw Cloud Authoring System

Jackdaw Cloud Authoring System http://e-learningwmb.com/page/jackdaw-cloud-authoring-system I was hired by e-Learning WMB, to create mobile apps solution for their courses. I started by creating a wrapper mobile app that could load and un the existing Flash based courses, then… Read More


Sooqini “Sooqini is a marketplace for everything.” http://sooqini.com no longer exists

Yearbook Machine

Yearbook Machine “Probably the best way to make yearbooks.” http://yearbookmachine.com/


DataCollect While working at First Intelligence I was heading the development of DataCollect – a software that would unite the functionality of many legacy softwares used by Latvian telecom. The initial development lasted 6 months, it imported around… Read More