Analytek DUTControl

Analytek DUTControl DUTControl is a mobile phone testing app. Analytek contacted me to create an app to automate Android phone testing process. They specialize in battery testing, and their PC based software installs this app on the DUT,… Read More

CountUpTimer for android


android.util.Log without the tag

Perhaps having come languages like PHP, Javascript or ActionScript, I just can not get used to tagging log output. Hence I came up with a class: OneLog – one tag. I initialise OneLog.TAG in my Application class, but… Read More

AndroidAsync socket server service example

AndroidAsync ( is an asynchronous socket, http (client+server), websocket, and library for android. Based on nio, not threads. Here is an example how to create a working socket server service within seconds, without having to think about… Read More

Daily Words of Buddha Android app

Daily Words of Buddha Android app Daily Words of Buddha is a free open source Android app and home screen widget, which will automatically download latest Daily Words of Buddha from Pariyatti RSS feed.