Game state

A friend asked me to give an example of a game state model, I was referring to when I tried to explain him how I develop simple games and touch screen applications. Here I’ll be trying to explain this, by extracting some example code from The secrets of three paintings app.

Be it ActionScript or JavaScript, whenever I’m writing relatively simple games or touch screen applications, I always use these 3:

  1. A game state model
  2. Game state events (signals)
  3. A view class for each element on screen

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requestAnimationFrame.js polyfill

Here is an up to date version of requestAnimationFrame polyfill. It’s a mashup from different sources.

Mazurka plugins OS X Yosemite binary

I was playing around with Sonic Visualizer last night, following these great video tutorials. In one of them Mazurka Plugins are used, for which there were no downloadable OS X binaries until now:

Download mazurka-plugins.dylib (OS X Yosemite, 10.10)

I’m not sure if these will work with previous versions of OS X, but maybe give it a try.

If you want to try compiling yourself, here are the sources I used.
You’ll also need XCode with Command Line Tools and fftw3 installed.

Cycle Syndicate

Complete build of a new alternative web service for cycle insurance

Cycle Syndicate is a community of careful individuals who want an alternative to insurance. No premiums, no small print, just cyclists looking out for each other.” Cycle Syndicate operates as a members’ club on an invitation-only basis. There is a community driven online service after you get in, where people can organize their syndicates, insurable assets (bikes) and receive or manage their stake required actions. It is built using the Yii framework and makes use of HTML5, Bootstrap3, jQuery, Graph (Facebook) API, HybridAuth, GoCardless API.

The project came with a requirement, that it must be built using Yii framework, which was new to me, but after having a quick overview, I decided it would be interesting to learn it. That proved right, I liked how the framework tightly and nicely integrates with Bootstrap3 and forms. Also I enjoyed being able to use the new PHP 5.6 features, for making PHP code even more clean. The site is completely responsive and we even went to Googles device testing lab to test that.


“Sooqini is a marketplace for everything.” no longer exists

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Museum of the Popular Front of Latvia – Archive kiosk

A demo of a kiosk I developed in autumn 2013 for the Museum of the Popular Front of Latvia

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Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis

Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis is a state research institute specializing in pharmaceutical research, organic chemistry, molecular biology and bioorganic chemistry.

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Yearbook Machine

“Probably the best way to make yearbooks.”

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Daily Words of Buddha Android app

Daily Words of Buddha is a free open source Android app and home screen widget, which will automatically download latest Daily Words of Buddha from Pariyatti RSS feed.

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Failures and Ecstasy of Gatis Pakalns no longer exists